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Protection Solutions

1. Life Insurance
  • A financial planning must begin with protection first. So we recommend our clients to have an adequate amount of Life Insurance. When we are saying life insurance we mean pure protection plan means Term policy only.
  • It’s our duty as a responsible and caring family member to protect the future financial need of our loved ones. You do hard work for the betterment and security of your family so just take a small step ahead and protect the same by paying a small amount as premium. We may look at term policy as a continuation of your savings or investment only. Whatever it happens but the future financial planning for your dependent will be intact.
  • Call us to know your Human life Value and Insurance gap. We will happy to share with you the exclusive insurance plan best suited for you.
2. Health Insurance
  • A medical contingency fund is a major concern for the middle-class family. As a financial planning process, it is advised to have a sufficient amount as a medical contingency fund. Here it can be two scenarios. 1) If we have a significant amount lying into our savings account and fetching an interest of just 3% p.a. How can we cope-up with any unforeseen medical expense which is rising at a rate of more than 20% per annum?
  • In this scenario, we do not have enough savings to park as medical contingency so we do not have a choice but to buy a Health Insurance policy.
  • Health insurance needs may keep on changing based on your employment profile and your age. We are here to tell you the exact number.
3. Savings Solutions
  • Company Fixed Deposits : offer various types of company Fixed deposits Like HDFC Home Finance Ltd, PNB Housing Finance, Bajaj Finance, Sriram Transport Finance, Mahindra and Mahindra and others. You can choose as per your tenure and convenience.
  • Liquid Funds/short Term Funds : funds or ultra short term funds and Short term funds are Mutual
  • We recommend investing if you are not sure about the tenure or duration of savings. You can park your money for 7 days and more period and can earn interest more than your savings bank account.
4. Cash Flow Solutions
  • These solutions are suitable for a person who is looking for regular cash flow for his monthly expenditures. Here we customize the solutions based on the risk appetite and age of the investor.
  • These Solutions can be suitable for a person who is planning for his second innings in life.
5. Retirement Solutions.
  • It’s the most important financial goal of every investor. But the irony of this financial goal is that nobody wants to plan for retirement at their young age. We have seen a majority of people who start thinking about retirement are at the age of 35 to 40. We can get a loan for all our financial goals of life like we can buy a home on a home loan, we can enjoy a foreign tour on a personal loan, we can educate our kids and even plan for their wedding by taking loans from Banks. But after repaying all the loans of our life if we visit the same banks to borrow for our retirement expenses they will close their doors. The best reliable person who can help us in our post retired life is we at a young age.
  • So take this Goal as the most important goal of your financial planning and allow us to suggest you retirement solutions.
6. Children Education Solutions.
  • Education is the second most costly affair for the middle-class family. Just like medical expenditures cost of Education is skyrocketing every year. So planning and investing for it requires a lot of fact findings like the cost of education your kid will undergo after 15 years from now. How can we plan for the same? Education planning is different from the rest of the other plans. We may postpone and our for buying a car or going for a vacation but the Educational goal is specific. So the planning and scheme selection must be according to the nature of the goal.
7. Other Goal-based Solutions
  • Apart from all the above goals a person may have other goals like planning for a vacation, buying a car, buying a home, etc. We can even do short term plans for youngsters who just want to do some savings to buy any gadgets of his or her choice. It can be a plan for a honeymoon trip or a down payment amount for your dream car.
8 Tax planning and Solutions
  • A penny saved is a penny earned. Before doing any of the future financial planning we take care of tax implications and tax savings.